Worldwide program helping children to discover their physical strengths and fall in love with sport

Finding the right
sport for all children

Do you want to find their talent?

Motivate them to be active?

Spark a life-long love for sports?

Testing a child's physical skills via 9 simple and entertaining tests, we are able to:

Over 300 000 children have already passed through the program in more than 10 countries.

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A SportAnalytik event is a fun and entertaining half-day spent performing a variety of physical skills tests in a playful and low pressure environment.

Every child leaves with a personal evaluation, recommendations for most suitable sports, and with the joy of newly discovered talents.

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Life-long love for movement

Joy of newly discovered talent

Motivation to be active

Selection of most suitable sport

Enthusiasm from team activity

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SportAnalytik New Zealand ltd

Director & Main Analyst:
Lukas Bravenec

cell phone: 0220774024


SportAnalytik NZ. ltd

At SportAnalytik, we are sport enthusiasts - sport represents a source of positive emotions and is an integral part of our lives. 

As parents of small children, we do not want to accept contemporary negative trends related to decreasing frequency of sporting activities in our youth.  We have tried several different sports with our own children and we understand the importance of selecting the right activity.

Our mission is to motivate children to engage in sporting and physical activities and to spark a life-long joy of sports.  We will be really pleased for any boy or girl who, thanks to the recommendations of SportAnalytik, finds their way to physical activity and sport becomes an integral part of their lives.

Let's go team!


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