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A SportAnalytik event is a fun and entertaining half-day spent performing a variety of physical skills tests in a playful and low pressure environment.

Every child leaves with a personal evaluation, recommendations for most suitable sports, and with the joy of newly discovered talents.

First SportAnalytik Day in Wellington


19 places

SportAnalytik Day in Queenstown


18 places

SportAnalytik Day in Wellington


30 places

First SportAnalytik Day in Christchurch


30 places

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Finding the right
sport for all children

Do you want to find their talent?

Motivate them to be active?

Spark a life-long love for sports?

Testing a child's physical skills via 9 simple and entertaining tests, we are able to:
•provide comparative skill analysis against peers (same age and gender)
•find the sports that match his or her natural talent
•select 2 specific sports for in depth analysis.

Over 400 000 children have already passed through the program in more than 10 countries.

Life-long love for movement

Joy of newly discovered talent

Motivation to be active

Selection of most suitable sport

Enthusiasm from team activity

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39 Southern television report

Youngsters inspired to get active and discover their physical genius at SportAnalytik camp.

SportAnalytik Global brand video

We are very happy to bring to you the new SportAnalytik Global brand video, made right here in New Zealand.

Another SportAnalytik Camp in Queenstown

We hope we have helped inspire a long lasting love of sports for all. Photos inside.

SportAnalytik idea is getting bigger again...

We wish you great luck and heaps of discovered talents in the incredible country of India

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