Our Vision
To inspire all children to develop a life long love of active participation in Sport in New Zealand. We want children to associate exercise with having fun so by assessing a child’s natural abilities during an action packed sporting day, thanks to our scientific methodology, we can recommend multiple sports which each child should be better suited and more naturally talented at. We believe this results in them being more likely to stay within a sporting pathway and leads them to a healthy lifestyle through their teen years and beyond.

By recommending each child EIGHT sports we aim to inspire them to try things they might not have otherwise considered. We want to act as the entry point for all children to gain easy access into local sporting communities, whilst also being able to recognise raw elite talent compared to their peers and steer them into a higher performance program and track their their development.

Our Methodology

SportAnalytik is a program designed for children aged 5-16. By using nine fun, low pressure 'tests' to identify their physical skills, we are able to recommend a wide variety of sports for them. Your child will participate in warm-up activities and then join in a small team led by our coaches. We make every effort to combine children of similar ages together and then lead them in a series of entertaining sporting tests to reveal their somatotype, sport dispositions and strengths by assessing their coordination, speed, power, endurance and tactical skills.

We make an individual assessment for each child and then compare it with multiple sports requirements. As a result, we identify the sporting talent of each child and provide them with a tailor-made report with recommendations for their most suitable sports (including sports teams and clubs in the surrounding areas), guiding them as to how they can become involved, inspiring their participation, whilst also identifying natural elite talent and nurturing into elite sport pathways.

We have cooperated with international experts in the field of sport optimisation and improvement and focused on the main areas of strength, endurance, speed, coordination, flexibility and their combination. The entire event is fun, entertaining, and focused on creating a pleasant and memorable experience for your child. Our goal is for participating children to leave enthusiastic about their newly discovered talents and motivated to stay active.
What will I get?

Besides a half-day of fun and entertaining activity, you will receive individual talent and sport reports for your child. The report summarises your child’s results, provides age and gender specific peer comparison leveraging a database of over 400,000 children, and provides recommendations for 8 suitable sports for your child. A more in depth evaluation of two parent-selected sports is also provided. 

... and mainly loads of fun and entertainment for your child, along with a healthy snack lunch and even more hi5s!

Testing a child’s motor skills, somatotype and tactical skills
by 9 tests


Tactical skills








Tailored made reports with results
for each child

Chris SportAnalytik Event Coordinator
The aim of SportAnalytik is to get ALL children to fall in love with sports. We do this by assessing their physical skills in a really fun environment. We want them to associate being active with being happy, that is what is really important to us.
doc. PaedDr. Tomas Peric, Ph.D. Department Head, author of "Selection of sport talents"
"I have pursued the area of sport talent selection for 25 years and SportAnalytik is a neat project for the general public, that leverages talent identification methodology derived using the scientific method"